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Dart 1

The Versametrics Dart 1 is a versatile electrical measurement tool that functions as a low-cost source measurement unit (SMU), with a multiplexing solution and a socket to allow for interfacing with devices on a chip via a chip package. The Dart 1 is a highly integrated solution that can simultaneously provide the functionality that has traditionally been offered by the combination of several lab instruments, including source measurement units/a semiconductor parameter analyzer, a switch matrix for multiplexing, and a micromanipulator probe station. The Dart 1 provides a portable, affordable alternative that can be easily automated to run through experimental protocols on device after device using the flexible Versametrics software. To use the Dart 1, device chips must be wire-bonded within a compatible Dart 1 chip package (note: wire bonding is a straightforward process enabled in most shared laboratory facilities). Design files and instructions for adapting various device layouts to be compatible with the Dart 1 chip package are provided free of charge on the Resources page.

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Dart 2

The Versametrics Dart 2 is a next-generation measurement platform that is currently under development. The Dart 2 will enable use of the Versametrics probe card interface, which allows electrical contact to be made with all devices on a chip quickly and painlessly, replacing wire-bonding or repetitive micromanipulator positioning. The Dart 2 also includes an additional routable voltage source and is targeting 0.1 pA current resolution, while also providing compatibility with a range of use-case specific attachment modules being developed.