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Versametrics provides a range of supporting resources to help enable the use of our products.

Photomask Design Files

The utility of the Versametrics measurement systems is maximized when the samples to be measured are fabricated with sizes and pad layouts that are compatible with the Versametrics sample holders and contacting interfaces.

Since many samples to be tested will likely be fabricated using photolithography or similar processes, we provide reference design files for photomasks that include compatible chip sizes, contact pads, and other potentially useful features.

Note that these reference designs include a hierarchy of cells and layers. Many applications will only require a subset of the available cells and layers contained in the files.

Feel free to click the below chip layout images to download the respective design files.

Versametrics Mask 1

Versametrics Mask 2

Versametrics Mask 3

Recommended CAD Software

While many excellent CAD suites exist on the commercial market that are used by many of our customers, we find it helpful to point to some freely available suites that can be used as a no-barrier starting point. These include:





App Notes

Versametrics provides instructions for use of Versametrics products in a range of scenarios. The following application notes are available to assist in designing devices, adapting existing devices to measure them with Versametrics products, using the Dart measurement systems, and other tasks.

Chip Design Guide (PDF)

Shadow Masks

Versametrics offers shadow masks to ease the fabrication of devices that can be easily measured by our Dart measurement systems. These shadow masks can be used for direct evaporation of metal contact pads and leads onto bare substrates, allowing designs and processes to more easily be adapted to a format compatible with the chip contacting interfaces of the Dart measurement systems. These shadow masks can be purchased from the Versametrics Store, and the design files for the geometry of the pads and leads is found in the photomask design files above.

Shadow Mask 1

Shadow Mask 2