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Versametrics Dart 1

The Versametrics Dart is a portable electronic device characterization platform capable of providing real-time measurements from up to 64 simultaneously connected devices or sensors. The Dart is designed to enable higher throughput testing of many devices as well as improved extended-duration device testing, all in one easy-to-use, versatile platform. Beyond performing high-quality, automated electrical characterization, the Dart offers versatility in measurement conditions through several add-on modules. To use the Dart 1, device chips must be wire-bonded within a compatible Dart 1 chip package (note: wire bonding is a straightforward process enabled in most shared laboratory facilities). Design files and instructions for adapting various device layouts to be compatible with the Dart 1 chip package are provided free of charge on the Resources page.

Product Details (PDF)

Dart 1 Documentation (PDF)


  • Solid-state Devices & Sensors
  • Biosensors
  • In-the-Field Characterization
  • In Situ Measurements
  • High-throughput Device Testing
  • Extended-duration Testing
Wide dynamic range and 10-10 Amp noise floor demonstrated by testing a transistor with Dart 1


64 Selectable Device Pins

2- and 3-Terminal Measurement Modes

Software Control & Data Logging

USB Connectivity

Bluetooth Add-on Support

Extendable Modular Accessories

How it works

1. Create the samples you would like to test so that they are compatible with one of our standard pad layouts

2. Make electrical connections between your sample and one of our measurement platforms (Dart 1.0 or Dart 2.0) by either mounting your sample into one of our chip carriers or using one of our probe card interfaces

3. Enter experiment procedures into the Versametrics software application

4. Queue up experiments to run over time or across each of the devices on your sample

5. Let automation take care of running through all the experiments in your queue

6. Use the Versametrics software to view, save, plot, analyze, or export your data

Technical Specifications

5 V USB Power Supply

+/- 4.0 V Output Voltage Range

16 mV Output Voltage Resolution

100 μA Maximum Current

100 pA Noise Floor

106 Measurement Current Dynamic Range

2 Programmable Signal Channels (Source & Drain)

1 Fixed-Position Signal Channel (Gate)

Example Use Cases

  • Rapid testing of up to 64 transistors on a silicon chip to verify successful fabrication.
  • Reading the output of biomedical devices with a portable system that can be taken to the clinic.
  • Long-duration testing of an air-sensitive device to observe its degradation over days/weeks.
  • Electrically characterizing devices in situ while probing with an Atomic Force Microscope.
  • Measuring charging rate of a Li-ion battery cell.
  • Monitoring the reaction rate of a simple electrochemical cell.
  • Continuous tracking of a resistive temperature sensor in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Providing electrical measurement capabilities to work-from-home office environments.